Local nursing students giveaway medical supplies for free


MARTINEZ, Ga. (WJBF) – It may be difficult for many of you to find medical supplies but a group of local nursing students is making sure everybody gets the protection they need.

Brittany Bledsoe, a nursing student at Augusta University, is using her free time to serve others.

She said, “We’ve been delivering care packages to the at-risk community for probably the past month and with the new changes in Georgia, with Georgia businesses re-opening, we decided kind of to branch out. And try to get some of these people that are going into stores the supplies they need to kind of prevent the spread in the public.”

Bledsoe and her team of soon to be nurses gave away earloop, PPE masks, hand sanitizer, and water bottles as people were out running errands in Martinez. The nursing team set up shop in the parking lot at Kroger off of Columbia Road.

Brittany Lewis, a nursing student at Aiken Tech said, “A gallon of hand sanitizer I found was like $100 dollars. People can’t afford that so we want to give back to those who can’t”

The medical supplies handed out for free were donated to Bledsoe and her crew by several local businesses.

“Before we were having to work with distributors like out state to try to get some of these things in. But I’ve noticed that it’s become a lot easier, it’s just very expensive so that’s why we’re doing this free giveaway. Because a lot of people can’t afford to go buy a $100 box of 50 masks so they can have some,” explained Bledsoe.

The nursing students did not hand out free gloves for good reasons.

“If you’re a health care professional, you know that you don’t touch anything with your gloves. Anytime you touch a potentially contaminated surface you change your gloves and there’s a specific way you’re supposed to remove them to prevent contamination. So, we were kind of more concerned with giving these gloves to people that don’t know to properly wear them and kind of spreading things around. It’s safer honestly to just wash your hands,” said Bledsoe.

The future nurses are not getting any credit hours for the work they do. They did the medical supplies giveaway out of the goodness of their hearts.

“It’s actually taught me a lot about community involvement and it kind of made me realize that I do really enjoy being involved in the community. It’s become a passion of mine,” said Bledsoe.

Lewis added, “Obviously, no one wants to go through a pandemic but it’s taught the community and the world a lot.”

If you would like to help the nursing students’ cause, click or tap here.

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