AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s been three months since Addison Niday gave the historic cup a brand new look.

But as he was finishing the mural, he had a cup-sized idea.

“It was really late at night, it was about 1 in the morning. And I thought when it was Lily, Tulip, or when it was Dart, they had cups that looked like the one that was outside. So I thought, why don’t we do the exact same thing,” said Niday.

Those previous companies sold cups, but they were plastic. So instead of that material, Addison wanted to make the cups ceramic.

“The dark cups, the sweetheart cups, and the Lily Tulip cups–they were always paper. So I thought if we were gonna do the best cup we can possibly do that Augusta deserves, let’s make it indestructible,” said Niday.

So Niday started selling 12-ounce versions of the giant cup.

After selling out instantly, he’s brought them back for a second round of orders, and the cups are continuing to be a big hit.

Those who have worked with him say what he’s doing is important for the city.

“It’s really impactful. I think what he’s doing–in terms of taking these old buildings and old paintings and refreshing them to look basically brand new–it’s been a remarkable journey for him,” said Drake White.

The proceeds are going into a mural account for his upcoming projects. In the meantime, he hopes the community will continue to support the work he does. 

“I would definitely say support your local art. Jason the 29th, Happy Impulse, John Pascal, support other artists too. I would say when one artist thrives, we all do,” said Niday. “Especially in this community, like when I do a mural, or somebody does a mural, it helps everybody.”

According to Niday, he has several murals coming up, which he’s hoping to get done by the end of the year.

The next one on his list is a Coca-Cola mural in North Augusta–which he says is the oldest in the company’s history, after it was originally made in 1905.

This mural is one of four Coca-Cola murals he’s been requested to work on.

On top of that, he plans to do a mural at the Bottom Line Bakery, a mural for a hibachi restaurant, along with a mural for the city of Augusta, known as “Never Give Up”.

“Never give up was something that was really meaningful to me in my life, because there’s a lot of things that set me back in my artistic career. And I wanted people to never have to think that they’re alone, and never have to think that they can do something,” said Niday.

The cups are close to being sold out, and sales will end for this cycle on October 15th.

However, Niday will be at the Handmade Festival coming up on November 3rd.

It is at the JB Whites Building at Redemption Church. While he’s there, you can find prints of his murals, brand new stickers, t-shirts, and a limited amount of the souvenir cups.

If you want to purchase one online, you can find them here.