AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Masters week is a time to look forward to a new champion. But, it’s also a

time when local people reflect on parts of the tournament’s past like the Caddies and support staff

who helped create the environment that cultivated legends.

For decades, as the house keeping supervisor at the Augusta National Golf Club, William “Bubba” Tillman oversaw an important function of the masters tournament.

Historian Joyce Law says, “collected first, dry cleaned, and then stored away until they were used for the next time. That was a very important task that his section in house keeping performed.”

The role even garnered him attention in newspaper articles outlining the mystique of the Green


Like the famous Augusta National caddies, support staff such as Tillman were a big part of the

closely woven fabric that made not only the coveted garment but the overall tournament.

.”Caddies had the glamour role here but there were many other individuals in support functions that were important to the smooth operation of the golf course and the country club.”  

Now that he’s gone, Tillman’s contributions have not been forgotten.

A flag stands at his gravesite during masters week to honor his service.

“The flag was very generously loaned to the Sande Hills Neighborhood Association for “Walk with the Spirits” that took place last October,” says Law.

And, of course, there wouldn’t be a game without the little white balls.

“The collection of golf balls are from all of those that land over here in the cemetery from the Augusta Country Club because we’re separated just by a green wall.”

In life, Tillman spent a large portion of his years working at the Augusta National Golf Club.

In death, he’s still within eyeshot of the tournament, now from a hill just an errant drive away.