DEARING, Ga. (WJBF) – National Night Out is one of the biggest community events in Dearing, Georgia during the Fall.

“It’s the opportunity for everyone to come together on this one day for law enforcement and the community to get together and just have a good time,” said McDuffie County Deputy Sheriff Barry Whitfield.

National Night Out is a full day of entertainment with the McDuffie County Sheriff’s Office and Thomson Police Department, with both organizations hoping to get to know the community better.

The event included on-site job interviews.

“We have the city of Thomson police department they’re doing some recruiting McDuffie Sheriff’s office is doing some recruiting  as well as neighborhood watch placement books and things,” said Deputy Whitfield.

People who took part could also register to vote.

“Because we see a lot of things that’s happening in the community we want to change right, In order to impose change you have to get out and vote  understand you have to be involved that’s why we’re trying to get the youth involved and understand the importance of voting on a local level,” said community activist David Mew.

“We’re taking membership for all of those interested in eradicating injustice here locally and also getting them introduced to civics so kids can be well educated and well rounded in the community,” said Devin Pinkston, a McDuffie County Youth Council co-advisor.

Law enforcement leaders say they’re looking forward to planning for National Night out again next year.