AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Local Muslims are reacting to the Hamas terror attacks on Israel.

Over the last week alone, hundreds of lives were lost during this time of war. And organizations in the CSRA say this fight is human versus human.

“It is human war. It is people trying for their independence and for living in dignity that’s it. It has nothing to do with religion or any other thing.” Dr. Hossam Fadel has lived and worked in Augusta for the past 40 years and is a member of the Islamic Society of Augusta. “Just this year, 240 young Palestenians were killed in West Bank– I’m not talking about Gaza– in West Bank…”

But here in the U.S., Dr. Fadel tells WJBF what he and the Islamic community are doing in hopes for a resolution. “In general, we just ask for help from Godto save these people– innocent people– who are going to be killed for no reason, other than they are being Palestentians.”

Dr. Fadel explains a million people in Gaza are being told by the Israeli government to evacuate their homes as Israel is preparing for a ground invasion. “The most densely populated area on the whole earth. So, you want to put another one thousand– I mean one million people on top of the other two million that have been there. There’s no exit for them.”

Dr. Fadel says this fight we are seeing is not something new. “Now the Palestinians have been killed and abducted and everything and put in prisons for the last 50 years for no reason other than trying to defend their liberty, defend their human rights and live in dignity in their homeland.”

His hope is that peace wins, and basic human needs be met for everyone.

“This is human life, human life is dignified by God for every single being,” Fadel said.

Other members of the Islamic Society I spoke with say they just want everyone to be at peace and free to live on their own soil.