AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- It’s a statue that’s been standing in Downtown Augusta for more than one hundred years, the Irish American Heritage society is making sure it gets plenty attention for St. Patrick’s day.

A monument honoring former U.S. Senator and Augusta Chronicle editor Patrick Walsh, faces Telfair Street in Downtown Augusta.

Just in time for the St Patrick’s holiday, The Irish American Heritage Society wanted to honor the 8-foot bronze statue with a festive green hat and sash

“And he was really pivotal in a lot of the early foundations of Augusta and so he worked with the canal to get Irish immigrants to expand it,” said Sean Mooney, Irish American Heritage society

The organization along with others hosted a ceremony Thursday to pay tribute to Patrick Walsh.

“They’re actually four organizations here today to pay homage to Patrick Walsh, Irish American Heritage Society, The Ladies of Hibernians, The Knights of Columbus Council of 677 which is the Patrick Walsh Council,” said Russ Gambil, former president of Irish American Heritage Society

The only problem with paying homage to Patrick…  is this security fence, partially blocking the view.  The group had asked government officials about removing it… but there’s no word yet on whether that will happen.  So for now, they’re honoring him the best way they can.

“It is just a nice way he is kind of locked up behind the federal compound so it’s a little difficult to access him but we thought it would be a great opportunity to be able to visualize that for the street,” said Mooney

“Also we plan in the future to lay a wreath on his grave two days after St. Patrick’s Day he died on March 19 so these organizations will be honoring him in that manner also,” said Gambil

The statue is located on Telfair Street in front of the federal courthouse.