AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Right now, many people are getting the first doses of the coronavirus vaccine and soon the vaccine will be here in the CSRA but when?

“We do know that we’re not going to have enough vaccine to go around for all of our healthcare providers,” says Dr. Phillip Coule.

Georgia’s first shipment of the 5,000 plus doses of coronavirus vaccine arriving Monday in the Savannah area but Augusta University’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Phillip Coule says there’s going to be more time before we see that pandemic assistance in the CSRA.

Dr. Coule says, “We’re anxiously awaiting the confirmation of exactly when that shipment will arrive but we do expect it to be in the next couple of days.”

Dr. Coule says there is a vaccine distribution plan on standby but it’s unknown how many doses healthcare providers will receive in the first shipment.

“We’re focused on those that really are exposed to COVID-19 the most and that would be those working in the emergency department, those that are working in designated COVID units and the ancillary support programs such as radiology and other areas where a patient with COVID might need to get care within the system and come into direct contact with that patient,” says Dr. Coule.

Augusta Mayor Hardie Davis hosting a virtual COVID-19 conversation Tuesday saying, “Wanting to ensure that while we’ve seen a disproportionate impact that COVID has had in communities of color, how do we move beyond that place? While at the same time dealing with the challenges of the historic implications of new vaccines being administered in communities of color.”

While many anxiously wait for a coronavirus vaccine, Dr. Coule says it will be months before the general public gets theirs.

 “And we really can’t afford for this surge to continue right now. We really need everybody to be really cautious about their activities right now to reduce the spread,” says Coule.

Dr. Coule assured the covid-19 vaccine is very effective and safe. Health and human services secretary, Alex Azar, says he expects 20 million Americans to be vaccinated by the end of the month…and then 30 million more in January.