Local home healthcare company joins the research for a COVID-19 vaccine


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – A local home healthcare company is part of the research to help find COVID-19 treatment and potentially a vaccine. They’re called Interim Healthcare of Augusta.

Interim Healthcare Company is going to trial participants homes and gathering data for 3 different clinical trials. They work with Regeneron.

That’s the pharmaceutical company that made the antibody cocktails President Donald Trump received.

Interim Healthcare works with Augusta University. They found it could lessen symptoms and reduce viral loads, which reduces medical visits.

Director of Business Development at Interim Healthcare of Augusta, Cutter Mitchell, says, “look, I think any time you can be a part of history I think that’s pretty neat, and I think if you can do it while positively impacting your community and the people around you– like I said, we take care of these clients day in and day out.”

Trial participants are low to medium risk patients and those who have come out of the hospital and are recovering at home.

“You know, we’re there with the immunocompromised kids. We’re there with the 70 year-old man who, you know, his kids live in a different state, and he needs some help, and we care about what happens to them,” says Mitchell.

They check on these patients and make sure they don’t see negative effects. The spokesperson says so far they have not. If you tested with AU and are positive and would like to participate, it is advised to call AU and ask.

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