AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – Health officials say COVID-19 is becoming a minor illness, but the number of positive cases is going up slightly.

At AU Health there are 14 in-patient COVID cases, three of whom are in the ICU.

The vice president and chief medical officer says while this is not a significant number they have also noticed not a lot of people are getting tested for COVID.

“People are doing at home test so the real number is a bit of an unknown but we do know of the cases that are reported we are seeing an increase in cases” said Dr. Phillip Coule.

Other medical centers like Piedmont also say the number of COVID cases is steady. MedNow has seen up to 30% positive cases

Dr. Coule says although people are starting to see COVID as a low priority he encourages people to get tested and vaccinated, especially for high risk individuals.

“So really high risk people with comprised immune systems or cancer or things like that even though it’s become more routine for everyone else it still poses some risk for them”  said Dr. Coule.

And continue to take all precautions possible…

“If you have cold like systems whether it’s COVID or just a common cold do all of the same infectious control measures that you would do for COVID and that is if you don’t have to go to work if you can stay at home if you can wear a mask wash your hands frequently”  said Dr. Coule.