Local groups working together to help break cycle of addiction


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – The road to recovery takes teamwork. That’s why local groups are working together to help people break the cycle of addiction.

Recovering from an addiction is challenging. Many people have no idea how tough it can be.

A local man who knows the battle and journey all too well decided to bring light to the situation with for- focus on recovery.

The goal is to get people on the right track, and help them stay there.

Christian Frazier/Executive Director: “I was at the lowest of lows and here I am the executive director of a non-profit in one of the best cities in Georgia.”

Ashley Flete/Reporter: Executive director Christian Frazier serves as an example that you can recover and come back to what matters.

Christian Frazier/Executive Director: “The one thing we want to make sure that people understand is that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is community, it’s connection.

Ashley Flete/Reporter: Bridging that gap is a job that requires help from several organizations. That need led to the partnership between for and still waters- a counseling service.

Christy Mcwaters: “If you treat the addiction and not the mental health, they’re just going to relapse because you’re not treating both at the same time.”

Ashley Flete/Reporter: Frazier says recovery is not a gift from any system. It’s a game and these players are listening to each play the coach calls.

Christian Frazier/Executive Director: “It’s like going bowling and pulling the bumpers up. We’re going to make sure people don’t gutter ball. They’re just going to bounce of this until they get into a straight line.”

Ashley Flete/Reporter: Art is one of the tactics for uses to aid in breaking down the walls people who struggle with addiction feel like they are confined in.

Christy Mcwaters: “It’s a whole new life style and it’s not something that’s easy it’s a constant battle but they can be successful.”

If you or someone you know is ready to make a change you can visit the foraugusta.org website and book an online peer coaching session to get started.

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