Local group sheds light on homeless through worship


AUGUSTA, Ga. – “This specific community to be honest, we all drive past here, we all see it, but I know Augusta period, it’s too much,” says Tanea Washington, W.O.W. Volunteer.

You may not know them, but you see them; Augusta’s homeless population. One group says as the garden city grows with new cyber workers, so are those without a place to live.

The homeless presence has been seen in the downtown area, but people share that they’ve noticed the community spread to other areas.

“I’ve seen it grow even where I live at. I live in the Hephzibah area and that area to me is beginning to grow a bit much on Peach Orchard Road. I’ve noticed on my way home from work,” says Pamela Rice, W.O.W. Event Coordinator.

That’s why organizer of ‘Worship Outside the Walls’ Pamela Rice believes it was important for her to bring the love of Christ to the downtown area and hold praise and worship for the those in need.

“I’ve always been drawn to the homeless per say. The needy, the lost. I went to karaoke one night and seen some people there and my heart was really compelled to show the love of Christ and this is my way, because this is a gift that God has given me to give through singing and worshiping. It’s my way of giving back to the community,” says Pamela Rice.

Other organizers helped by giving those without prayer and songs just for them.

“Even the songs that I picked were strategically for them, you know Lord I lift your name on high…You Know My Name by Tasha Cobb, because some of these people nobody knows their name, but God knows their name,” says Pamela Rice.

After the worship, the homeless shared with them how much this was needed in their lives.

“He said we love ya’ll coming down here and giving us sandwiches and stuff, but we just want us to feel like y’all are engaging with us. We want to feel like people, so I was blessed to know that because we were engaging and because we went beyond just the natural food and gave them something a little more,” says Tanea Washington.

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