COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF)- “I think it’s great that our students also know that that extra assurance is there so that they’re able to know that their police officers are doing everything in their school to keep them safe,” said Sharon Taylor, JD Paugh Foundation Board Secretary.

During Tuesday’s Columbia County board of education meeting, the JD Paugh Foundation was recognized for donating more than $7000 to the school district. 

The money will help buy new custom-fitted safety vests for school resource officers. 

“Without that officer feeling 100% confident our students aren’t safe this vest is going to give them the confidence that they need,” said Taylor.

Board Secretary Sharon Taylor says as a parent, the safety of students and teachers is extremely important. 

“It is pertinent that they’re safe so that if an active shooter comes around our guys are safe which in essence means our students are safe,” said Taylor.

Over the years, the foundation has worked to bring awareness to school safety. 

Sharon Taylor, JD Paugh Foundation board secretary

“As these agencies need the funds these agencies reach out to us and we provided it can be even so much as training we’ll send their agencies out to training if they need it,” said Taylor.