Local family gives back to Hurricane Michael Victims


Amanda Mackenzie watched in horror as a large part of her life was destroyed by hurricane Michael.
She has family in Mexico Beach, Florida and married her husband at a restaurant there.

“Mexico Beach like I said means a lot to us. My mom lives there, the people of Mexico Beach they treat you like family when you come in. It’s such a small town that I think they just need all the help they can get. “

She posted this status on Facebook Sunday around 6 p.m. At first she only asked for material donations. But she got a huge response from people who wanted to donate the items on her list, and something extra.

“My mom is talking with my bank now to see if we can put it in a separate account and take it when we go down there.”

In less than 24 hours, people dropped off non-perishable food, water, cleaning supplies and other items.

She’s partnering with two local businesses — Bar West and the Applebee’s in Evans — that are donation drop off locations.

She and her husband plan to make their first trip to deliver those supplies this weekend.

“See what needs to be done and then from there on out we’re gonna try to go as many weekends as we can,” says Amanda.

If you would like to donate items, you can contact Amanda for any questions on her Facebook page at Amanda Mackenzie or send monetary donations via PayPal at mexicobeachstrong@gmail.com

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