A local musician and comedian has penned a ballad singing the praises of Chick Fil A, saying he hopes to brighten the days of others and make the world a better place.

Contraband Slim has been an avid Chick Fil A fan for over 30 years. He says the way the restaurant treats it’s customers is what keeps him coming back.

“The generosity is there,” says Slim. “If you’re having a bad day, they’re gonna brighten up your day.”

He says the inspiration for the song came to him one day after grabbing a meal at the restaurant.

“I said I gotta write a song. I went to the studio and put my heart into it. There’s a lot of love in that song. I mean every bit. The kids love it. All the adults pretty much love it too. It’s a song about love.”

The video was filmed at a number of Chick Fil A locations across the CSRA including Augusta, Grovetown and North Augusta.

Slim’s overall goal is to ‘spread the love’ and help his community.

“God led me there to use my talent for Chick Fil A. I’ll pay for peoples orders. I’ll talk to people, some dealing with depression, family issues, that sort of thing. My goal is to have an impact on others and do what I can to offer to the world.”

Slim has also hosted sing-a-long lunches with area schools, including one recently at Baker Place Elementary.

“The legacy I’m trying to fulfill is to do things for those in need and the homeless in my city. I want to make sure no one goes hungry. I can’t do it all by myself. I know I gotta get to the top to help those in need. It’s a mission. I’m doing this for others.”

Contraband Slim tells us, and states at the end of his video, that if everyone treated each other the way Chick Fil A treats their customers, the world would be a better place.

You can watch the video below or click here to watch on mobile.