AUGUSTA, GA ( WJBF) — Rising food costs are impacting people all over the CSRA.

For some local churches its been a struggle to get what they need to serve Thanksgiving meals to the community.

“It limits the number of families that we can actually support. As the price of food goes up with the limited budget that we have then obviously that means it less families that we can service,” Augusta Worship Center Pastor James Johnson said.

Higher food costs also means churches like Augusta Worship Center are seeing fewer donations.

“Donations are slower this year. Hopefully, we can get more people excited about donating to pantries because I think it’s extremely helpful to the community,” Johnson said.

Leaders from Vineyard Church of Augusta said they ran into a different problem.

“We couldn’t find any of the to – go boxes. We couldn’t find any of the portion cups,” Vineyard Church Kids and Outreach Pastor Mary-Margaret LeRoy said.

Supply chain issues have made it hard to get the containers they need to serve the meals that they deliver to families on Thanksgiving Day.

“Last year we had a hard time finding food. This year the food was readily available for the most part, but we did have a hard time finding were the pans you cook in and the lids that go on the pans,” LeRoy said.

Church leaders said they had to go to multiple vendors to get what they needed. 

“We just kept looking at local vendors and we had to makeshift some things that we couldn’t buy, but we’re going to have all 570 meals delivered on Thanksgiving,” LeRoy said.

Despite the challenges they faced this year leaders from both churches said they’re thankful to still be able to give back this Thanksgiving. 

“We’re serving 50 more families than we did last year and we’re just really thankful for that,” LeRoy said.