AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Saint Paul Missionary on Telfair Street is aiming for a turnout turnaround. They’re asking the board of elections to move a precinct to their church.

“It’s sanctity on the ground, so being able to come and know that your voice is going to be heard as a voter is very important to us,” said Mersadeis Ya’ara, St. Paul Missionary Baptist Administrator.

Some members say they believe putting Precinct 112 on Telfair Street will encourage more people to get out and vote.

“The community has kind of changed from 18, or actually, I should say 10, to 38 in total and over the age of 63 so in the elder population and both of the traffic comes through right there on the corner of East Boundary and Telfair,” said Ya’ara.

Ya’ara says with the low number of voters, switching the polling location will be beneficial in the November election. Those voters currently cast their ballots at the May Park Community Center. 

“Some people are intimidated having the voting precinct right across the street from the Sheriff’s Office, although they may not have committed any crime or may not be citizens, they still are intimidated by the location,” said Rev. Henry Parks.

The board says Precinct 112 has moved polling locations once before. But, time may not be on their side.  Any request to change polling locations has to take place at least 90-days before an election.

“We will continue to roll with the dice and see how things go, but I just have this feeling that I should still put in the work, because we never know, and if we’re prepared, it’s best to be prepared because we may never know,” said Ya’ara.