AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)-It’s a night of praise and worship for the community and members of Bethel AME Church. They are also helping people register to vote. 

The Faith Works organization and Bethel AME Church are organizing voting rallies across Georgia.  

“The outcome of this election is in our hands and I am excited it was happened already with early voting” said Bishop Regnal T. Jackson, ‘Get Out The Vote’ organizer.

Reverend Augusta Hall with Bethel AME Church says they have traveled all across the CSRA and beyond to emphasize the importance of voting. 

“ For basically the last 6 to 8 months simply encouraging people to get out and vote to exercise their right to vote that was fought so hard” Rev. Augusta H. Hall, Bethel AME Church.

 They’re even giving people a ride to the polls…

“Here in Augusta we already have some people with their vans and all who are taking people to vote so this is going to be going on from now until November 8” said Jackson.

Organizers of the Faith Works ‘Get out the vote’ rally say they’re next stop is Savannah.