Local ‘Beetlejuice house’ returns for Halloween season


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Beetlejuice…Beetlejuice…BEETLEJUICE!!! Last Halloween in Augusta, this house was the talk of the town.

This year, owner Leann O’Neil is back and she’s expanded on her already spooky yard decorations.

The pandemic and social distancing aren’t stopping Leann from getting candy to trick-or-treaters, as she’s installed a 10-foot-long candy chute that will deliver treats from a safe distance.

“Well, I work at a hospital. I understand the dangers of COVID-19,” says Leann. “I understand how it’s impacted our community. I also understand at the same time how it’s impacted our kids. I just wanted to not cancel Halloween…Have a safe way for people to come out and enjoy the decorations and still get some candy at the same time while maintaining a safe distance.”

You can find the Beetlejuice house in the Kingston neighborhood in south Augusta.


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