Local agencies on standby for severe weather; Red Cross crews preparing


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Rain from Sally has already hit us here at home but more is on the way. Right now, many people are on standby for a call of action.

“We’ve got all the first responders, all the fire guys, all the city, county agencies, county road department ready to go if we have any major flooding here,” said Blake Thompson, Wilkes County EMS, and EMA Director.

Emergency crews in Wilkes County are keeping their eyes on the roads.

“The bridges on Happy Hollow Road, if it gets two or three feet above the creek level, it’s over the bridge there. But a lot of them it’s going to have to be eight or ten feet,” said Thompson.

Four volunteers with the Red Cross in Augusta are being deployed to help those in need.

Susan Everitt, explained, “Job responsibilities or duties that deployed volunteers or staff do can run anything from working in a shelter. You can be a disaster response team member so you can actually drive around, see pockets of populations that either can’t get out because there’s trees or flooding or something like that.”

About 60 volunteers from Georgia are already deployed. Either in-person or virtually.

“We have some Georgia people that are virtually deployed to Oregon and California. And Louisiana, Mississippi, and Florida so we have 42 active disaster responses the Red Cross is doing,” said Everitt.

While there is a lot going on throughout the US, Everitt said us at home will not be forgotten. “We’re very, very careful to ensure that we never deploy everyone. I’m essentially the leadership person that’s leaving from Augusta but we have our diaster program manager we have our operations manager. We have a lot that are still staying here in Augusta to make sure we take care of the East Central Georgia area.”

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