Litter work session says public education is needed


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – It’s a common sight in Augusta: litter. And Commissioner Marion Williams says he’s been seeing it for too long.

“The last eight years I haven’t seen very much difference. We keep hiring different people, we’re hiring different staff. I just don’t see it. We haven’t put any teeth into what we’ve been saying,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

Lots of talk as commissioners are calling in the departments responsible for keeping the city clean, some commissioners recognized progress is being made.

“Code Enforcement and the Marshal’s Office have been doing a very good job. You can see progress along the way,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But it’s litter from trash cans that trouble some. Cans are stuffed so full they overflow. City policy says haulers may not service the can until the customer is notified.

“It’s on top of the can now. The wind is blowing it, the animals are getting into it, we’re just not doing a good job,” said Commissioner Marion Williams.

“We need to do a better job of educating our residents that they need to bag their garbage and securely tie it. We want to educate them to please bag and securely tie their garbage,” said Becky Padgett, Interim Deputy Environmental Services Director.

City officials say there will be a push this year to cut down on littering and again they say the key is to inform, because people are creating the problem.

“The education component is very huge. We have to get out there and start talking to our citizens because it’s not just one of us, it’s all of us and it’s going to take all of us to clean this city up,” said Edkesha Anderson, Director of Keep Augusta Beautiful.

But that message is having a hard time getting through.

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