LINCOLN COUNTY, GA ( WJBF) — For many in Lincoln County , Wednesday’s decision from the board of elections to keep all 7 polling locations open was a victory.

“All 7 remain for now, but we have to keep a watchful eye,” Civil rights activist Rev. Denise Freeman said.

The decision comes after many voting and civil rights activists voiced their concerns about the board’s plan to close at least four of the county’s polling places — some even calling it a form of voter suppression.

However, civil rights activists like Denise Freeman say the work isn’t done.

“We have to keep a watchful eye. We must attend every board of election and every other board that we have appointed or elected in this county so that we won’t be left behind. We will know what’s going on,” Freeman said.

Freeman and others said they are concerned that while the issue is over  for now it could come up again closer to the November election.

“We are going to stay vigilant when it comes to paying attention to them for the November elections,” Lead organizer of New Georgia Project Peanut Gallery Brittany Burns said.

The chair of the board of elections said the proposal was never about voter suppression.

“It’s for the convenience of the voters and the public interest,” Chair of Lincoln County Board of Election James Allen said.

Some said even considering the consolidation proposal again would be a problem.

“We don’t need no polls closed down here. We need more polls opened up so it would be more available for us to get out and vote,” Roy Whimbush said.

“Most of the concerns from the locals are you’re supposed to empower our vote. You’re supposed to want to amplify us voting. You should want to get more people out to vote and make it easier for us to vote,” Burns said.

While they will keep a watchful eye many say they are happy that their voices were heard, and their polls will stay open.