Limited number of people allowed in delivery rooms


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Area hospitals are limiting the number of people you can have in a delivery room.

Even though the CDC guidelines allow up to 10 people, Doctors hospital is only allowing up to two visitors to one room.

Delivering a baby requires a lot of close contact and breathing exercises.
This can put the visitors, the mother, the medical professionals, and the new born at risk.

Women are already immunocompromised during pregnancy, so this is just an extra precaution hospitals are taking.

We spoke to OBGYN Dr. Donna Adams-Pickett. She says all doctors in the room wear personal protective gear, and they make sure everyone is sanitizing properly before they go inside.

She says it was definitely not an easy decision to make, but there is one thing to remember.

“Keep their eye on the prize. And the prize is a healthy baby and a healthy mom. It may not come the way you want it too, but in the end that’s what you have. You have a baby that’s in the best if health and a mom that’s in the best of health,” says Dr. Adams-Pickett.

Dr. Adams-Pickett says to keep visitors limited even after the baby is born. She recommends video-chatting friends and family instead of allowing them to physical see the baby.

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