LGBT policy language support heading to Augusta Commission


Augusta’s Compliance Director says it’s time for the city to send a message, by changing it’s policy manual to support the city’s LGBT community.

“To expand our Equal employment opportunity language to include four additional categories of gender, gender expression gender identity and also sexual orientation,”  said Kellie Irving, the Director of Compliance. 

This subcommittee approved the LGBT language more than a year and a half ago, but Irving asking commissioners to move quickly on these changes so they could be approved by next month before Augusta Pride Week starting June 21st. 

“I did request it if they could approve it it would be great to have it,” said Irving. 

The subcommittee endorsed a resolution of support for the LGBT language to go to the full commission for approval on June 19th. 

“We’re going to give a letter of support and then when we finalize the PPM we’ll put everything in at one time,” said Commissioner Marion Williams. 

“I think the times have called for this to be done I want to respect every member of the community regardless of their sexual orientation,” says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

And that’s something this subcommittee believes the city of Augusta needs to officially support.

Meanwhile the sub-committee approved adding policies  to the manual to address sexual harassment as well as anti bullying. Currently there is nothing in the manual to address those issues. 

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