Lewiston Road project plans begin to see a timeline


Road projects in Columbia County are underway, but there is one that is quite lofty, quite interesting, and going to cost quite a pretty penny.

Lewiston Road has a lot of moving parts but we’re going to start seeing progress soon.

The Lewiston Road project is also known as the diverging diamond project at I-20. It’s starting at Gateway Blvd. and ending at Hereford Farm Rd. We’re going to see some of those plans being finalized in commission meetings come October.

Stopped cars, a lack of turn lanes and all around congestion.

Columbia County’s Deputy County Manager, Matt Schlachter, says, “you know, there’s a lot of traffic. It’s two lanes. One lane each direction and a lot of people trying to use those two lanes.”

A long list of improvements for Lewiston Road, and we’ll start to see them soon.

Let’s take a look at the timeline. Coming up in fall, Schlachter says, “we have two parcels that commission has to take action on. Everything else they’ve taken the action on. So, October is our final date to have everything ready to start construction.”

The last commission meeting in Cctober is the 15th.

Coming up end of fall to the start of winter, Schlachter says, “so, we have the contract put together, so it should be advertised in november for bids, so the bids be back to us in december.

And end of winter, early spring, he estimates that we should start seeing some work being done in February.

The plans add turn lanes and through lanes at Columbia Road, and those going south to Grovetown.

“Those two through lanes carry all the way to the interstate. So, basically doubling the capacity of the road,” says Schlachter.

At the interstate comes the divergining diamond. It looks pretty chaotic, but it’s just something new, and county leaders say they have to plan for the future.

“Unfortunately, when you’re doing a road project, you have to forecast growth for 20 years. So, you have to design a road based on what it’s going to look like in 20 years, which is what we’re doing now,” says Schlachter. “If we don’t do that in 20 years, those roads won’t move at all. You’ll just be gridlock.”

Alternative routes are coming and the county is adding signals to assist the flow.

“One of the big routes that we see that is going to be altered is the William Few, people coming off of Chamblain Rd. We see them avoiding the area by going through Grovetown versus coming through William Few,” says Schlachter. “So, we are actually in the process of putting a traffic signal up at Chamblain Rd.–Wrightsboro intersection.”

Estimated at over $25 million dollars, this project is going to take a few years.

“The earliest expected end date is at the end of 2022.

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