Learning About the Candidates: Commission Chair Candidate Pam Tucker


NewsChannel 6 is introducing you to the three candidates vying for the Columbia County Chair position.

Businessman Mark Herbert, Commissioner Doug Duncan and former EMA Director Pam Tucker are all running for the spot.

Each Wednesday, Ashley Campbell will sit down one on one with the candidates as they explain their platform.

Wednesday, Campbell spoke with chair candidate Pam Tucker.

Ron Cross has sat in this room as Chair since 2002.

Now, three candidates are looking to take his place and Pam tucker says she’s the one to do it.

Tucker is no stranger to government.

She’s been a public servant for four decades.

She started hitting the campaign trail almost a year ago, when she resigned as the county’s EMA director.

“The past two months everything has picked up a lot because this is crunch time, getting close to the election,” said Tucker.

Tucker says residents are concerned about traffic congestion and stormwater issues.  

Tucker also hears that people in rural areas feel like they’re lost on the county’s radar.

“Leah, Winfield, Appling, Pumpkin Center, Harlem, they feel everything is geared towards Martinez and Evans,” said Tucker.

Columbia County is one of the fastest growing counties in Georgia.

Tucker says more community involvement is needed when it comes to the county’s future.

“Reinstate some of the advisory boards that were abolished during the current administration…the Development Advisory Board, the Construction Advisory Board, and let’s talk to people,” said Tucker.

As far as wasteful spending, Tucker says part of her plan is to look at staffing.

“Not that anyone’s going to get fired. We can do that through attrition as people leave jobs,” said Tucker.

Tucker says all candidates have shown respect during the campaign.

But, many voters are complaining about being blocked from Tucker’s election page.

“Oh yeah, if you come on my Facebook page and you get nasty with me, I’m blocking you. I have no problem with that,” said Tucker.

In the end, Tucker says she’s running a clean campaign, without the fancy endorsements.

It’s a campaign for the people.

Advanced voting begins April 30.

So, you can vote for who you think is the best for the position.  

You can watch the full raw interview below:

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