Learn-from-Home or Learn-in-School? Columbia County is giving parents until July 1st to decide


EVANS, Ga. (WJBF) — Columbia County Board Members outlined their plan for the 2020-2021 school year. Parents can opt for the “Traditional Learning Environment” or take advantage of a “Learn-From-Home Model.” Parents have until July 1st to make that decision.

“It’s a tough decision, and it’s based on many unknowns,” said Dr. Sandra Carraway.

Parents will need to go to the board of education’s webpage to register their students if they want them to learn-from-home.

“It’s essential they complete that form so we can make preparations before school starts, for their children to learn-from-home,” explained Dr. Carraway.

If you’re planning to send your child off to school as you usually would, there’s no need to register your decision. The Superintendent of Schools says parents and students who select the learn-from-home model will have to stick with it for the entire semester or grade cycle. She also says the classwork will be the same as if they were in the classroom itself.

“Those expectations would include students completing their work promptly even as they would in a traditional school,” said Dr. Carraway.

There will be a process for selecting learn-from-home teachers. For example, if there are four fourth grade teachers and 20 children choose to learn-from-home, then there will only be three fourth grade classes. The fourth class is taught online.

“Our choice would be out of those fourth-grade teachers, which ones have the talent with technology and who would be interested,” said Dr. Carraway.

Teachers will not be required to do learn-from-home teaching and in-school teaching at the same time. Dr. Carraway says these plans are based on present conditions. A third option is on the table if COVID-19 spikes in the fall.

“If COVID-19 showed a spike that caused us to reduce numbers in buildings, we would have to go a two-day model,” explained Dr. Carraway. “Students would come to school Monday/Wednesday, Tuesday/Thursday, but only half of the children will be in the building. All of the students will be learning from home when they are not in the building.”

Dr. Sandra Carraway says she is expecting all 28,100 students to return to the classrooms. Students will not be able to participate in after school activities if they are choosing the learn-from-home model.

For an informational video and return to school documents, CLICK HERE.

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