AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — The agreement to hold concerts at Lake Olmstead Stadium has hit a sour note.

The Augusta Development Authority has filed a lawsuit against Las Vegas promoters for breach of contract. Last year, three concerts scheduled for the stadium were cancelled.

The Development Authority says the group C-4 Live LLC did not live up to its end of the agreement to make improvements at Lake Olmstead Stadium.

“A year ago, we were excited, we were expecting concerts that fell apart for various reasons that we are where we are, as you saw yesterday or Friday, we filed suit and we’ll follow through that procedure,” said Cal Wray, President of the Augusta Economic Development Authority. 

“What are you seeking, can you comment on that?”
“The lawsuit is there we’re seeking at least a million dollars in damages between us and the county and that’s really the core of it.” Wray said.

Wray says when the deal was signed in 2020, he thought there was a great partnership, but now says he’s disappointed there is no longer a path forward.