AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – At the state capitol and in Augusta — redistricting is at the forefront.

“What’s very important about redistricting is that it basically sets up who you allow to represent you voting,” Rep. Brian Prince said.

Monday, the Richmond County Board of Elections discussed Senate bills 457 and 458 which recently passed in the Georgia State Senate.

They would revise the boundary lines for the Richmond County Board of Commissioners districts and the Board of Education districts.

Board of Elections executive director Travis Doss said the legislation could impact the upcoming May 24 primary if the new maps don’t get approved by March 7.

“The only recourse we have is to qualify from the old maps. So we would qualify from the current districts we have now,” Doss said.

Some lawmakers said the new maps do not  not reflect the input of citizens and the voices of the people.

“The first major problem is it did not go through the process. The process was a democratic process. Persons may disagree or agree with it, but you don’t get to come here unilaterally and make a change. I think that’s the number one problem,” Sen. Harold Jones said.

The next step for the bill is to pass a committee hearing. Then it would need to pass in the House.

Senator Harold Jones said  in the meantime people  can still make their  voices heard on the legislation.

“Contact and call all legislators and say look this is the process that took place. Whether you agree or disagree with the maps that came out you have to agree with the democratic process.”