Last minute Christmas shoppers brave the chaos


EVANS, Ga. – People are checking their list, and checking it twice to make sure they have everything they want and need for Christmas day. Last minute shopping has crowded local shopping centers.

“Late Christmas shopping. Some last minute things. Mainly wrapping, but we saw some things that we couldn’t pass up, so we left with a lot more than that,” says Ashley Duncan, a Christmas shopper.

“He’s three months old, so I got the Leap Frog Series. Just a couple of gifts for learning coordination and things of that nature,” says David, another Christmas shopper.

Last minute Christmas shopping is bringing in more crowds than usual in shopping centers like Mullins Crossing in Evans.

Traffic has picked up on roads near stores and parking spots are tough to come across. A headache customers tell us they tried to avoid.

“We try to do it online ahead of time, but we had some delays with gifts, so they didn’t all get here in time,” says Duncan.

But others got a head start and only had a couple of items to cross of their list and were in and out.

“I started in May *starts laughing* I don’t like crowds,” says David.

Store managers– like target–expect huge crowds like this every holiday season, so extra precautions are taken by hiring additional staff up until January.

All to make sure customers have great experience and keep order in the store. Customers will also see more lanes available than usual.

“Well definitely with the holidays we have all of our registers on the weekend, and so guests are a lot happier so they don’t have to wait as long. Sometimes if we’re that busy we’ll have all registers open,” Kerry Munoz, Check Out Advocate at Target.

Managers also tell us crowds have been heavy in spurts.

“The closer it gets to Christmas it’s going to be about lunch time or even dinner time on weekends, on Saturdays it’s the entire day, on Sunday’s it’s right when Church gets out which is right now, so they’re starting to come in. So when you come in and there’s no carts just know that we’re super busy,” says Munoz.

But despite the Christmas madness, customers tell us they are counting down the days to spend time with their loved ones.

“I’m looking forward to my fiancé being with me for the first time. It’s our first Christmas together, so looking forward to that,” says Duncan.

Keep in mind that store hours will be changing on Christmas Eve and many stores will be closed on Christmas Day.

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