Language barriers: Spanish speaking provider system in the works


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Es important que esta a fecha con todo sobre el virus Covid-19. Estamos trabajando para que los hispanos tambien tengan ayuda en Español.

It’s important that we keep you up to date on COVID-19. For those who struggle with a language barrier, the City of Augusta is working on a way to service your needs.

Some of the jobs don in Augusta are mostly done by immigrant workers. The CSRA is growing in in diversity.

In a time where it’s so important to stay informed, how do those who do not speak the language manage to be in the know?

Our NewsChannel 6’s Ashley Flete translates some of the things you’d need to know in Spanish.

She spoke to former Professor at Augusta University Susan Yarborough, who taught students how to write English as a second language.

“A lot of them are fairly recent immigrants and they don’t speak English that well and a lot of them read English that well. At this time of social distancing they are actually working in positions where they can’t really do the social distancing. “

Leaving her no stranger to understanding barriers when it came to speaking to her students.

“A lot of students from all over the world. I use to say they came from Berma to Brazil. A lot of Hispanic students, Portuguese speaking students and students from Vietnam.”

Es importante que se labaen las manos con agua y jabón.

Por 20 segundos. Limpue sus cosas con un desinfectante. Es
mejor quedarse en casa para no contractar el virus.

Susan tells me Augusta University is currently working on a system to help people who speak a different language.

“I called Augusta University yesterday to say hey, are you planning to roll out something like this and they said yes, we are working on it. It’s just that everything has exploded so quickly that we’re just trying to keep up on a day-to-day.”

Si necesitas ayuda puedes llamar a este número 706-721-1852 para hablar con un doctor en Español.

If you need help and need to speak to a doctor in Spanish. You can call to speak to a provider at 706-721-1852.

“We need to make sure everybody knows what they need to know about coronavirus in their own language according to their culture. To know where to call and know that somebody who can talk to them in their own language will be available,” says Yarborough.

Providing these services will help keep people informed and alert about Covid-19. Teaching us a lesson realizing the impacts and effects Covid-19 have had on every one of us.

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