Laney High Football team build seven beds for a family


BLYTHE, Ga, (WJBF) — Every month, the YMCA leads volunteers to deliver and provide children beds for families throughout the CSRA. On Saturday, a few Laney High School football players built seven beds for a family in Blythe Georgia.

The new head football coach for Lucy C. Laney High School, coach Rashad Dunn, has committed to challenging his players on and off the field. Dunn says giving back to the community will teach his players how to master the skills of football on the field.

“Football doesn’t just build character, it reveals it,” said Dunn. “I think it’s all the little things that take place outside of Friday nights, that makes the team and players who they are.”

Coach Dunn says this is not a one time opportunity. He will continue to push his players to volunteer throughout the year with various volunteer opportunities.

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