Lake Olmstead stadium “repairs” move forward


The fix could be in at Lake Olmstead Stadium, with plans to replace baseball with concerts and festivals. 

“A lot of the stuff we could do in house with our maintenance crews. Basically making sure the lights are burning, making sure plumbing is flowing, making sure some paint is on the walls,” says Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

Friday, city leaders toured the stadium learning that a top to bottom renovation would run $640 thousand dollars.

“I don’t think we could do the whole $600 thousand dollars at one time, but if we look at the work and make a priority list and do things in progress it should work out fine,” says Commissioner Dennis Williams.

Recreation officials did not recommend commissioners do the entire $640 thousand dollars in repairs, saying the need is to concentrate on seven areas. One was to repair the deck in right field for a VIP area, and work on the outfield wall to make a gate.

“There’s a section of fence we want to remove out there to allow gate access, so trucks, rigs, vans those kind of things can get in. And make repairs to the rest rooms,” says Recreation and Parks Director Glenn Parker. 

City leaders seemed satisfied that would be good enough to begin holding events. 

“I rely on the experts to say what is needed to ensure that the facility is safe and it will provide a good service to the people,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams. 

‘’We knew there were some things that needed to be done and, remember we’re not doing any renovations, we’re mostly just doing repairs making it safe and operable,’’ said Commissioner Andrew Jefferson. 

‘’What we’re looking at now is sort of fixing what’s there so we don’t have to make that big of an investment,’’ said Parker. 

Some roof repairs are needed over offices at the stadium and the Recreation Department is also recommending some heating and air-conditioning work. 

And since the baseball is out, the recommendation is to remove the protective netting behind home plate. 

No firm numbers on what the work will cost however. Director Parker put the estimate in the $30 thousand dollar range. 

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