Lake Olmstead facilities will get $1.4 Million in Renovations


Augusta City leaders are looking to make repairs at Lake Olmstead.

Augusta’s Recreation and Parks Department has been working with a local company to see what needs improvement in that area.

Thursday they held a public meeting for input. The plan is to renovate the Julian Smith Casino, the gazebo, and the barbeque pit. 

The director of recreation and parks told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, this project is estimated at $1.4 million.

“As we are doing this we want to retain the historical look and feel of the building,” said Glenn Parker. “While just modernizing the amenities here.”

For about six months, The department has been working with 2KM Architects to improve the lake Olmstead facilities. 

There is nothing sexy we are doing here,” explained Parker. “It’s a lot of functional items that benefit the renters once everything is taken care of.”

People who use the facilities should expect improvements to the kitchens, windows, sound system, and lighting.

The bathrooms are also getting an upgrade, to bring them up to code for people with disabilities. 

“The fixtures are very old, said 2KM Architects principal architect Robert Mauldin. “They are starting to cause more trouble to try to maintain and use.”

“The way we will design the bid is such, we will itemize the bid, and we can pick and determine the project that takes priority,” explained Parker. “So we can spend all of our money if it comes in at $1.4 million.”

Parker says the project will not interfere with any events renters have already scheduled.

“We want to make sure while we’re doing this we are going to inconvenience you as little as possible,” said Parker. 

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