AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF)- There’s no shortage of available jobs right now.  Everywhere you go, it seems employers are looking for new workers.  So how do you find the job that best suits you?

“The chamber we kind of pride our self of being a hub of information and place of resources for our local businesses and whether it be helping find employees or advocating for their business we’re here for them” said Columbia county chamber of commerce President and CEO Russell Lahodny.

Columbia county chamber of commerce president and CEO Russell Lahodny says the chamber offers a workforce for  job connections in Columbia county and its helped residents throughout the pandemic.

“I think we’re in a pretty health environment as far as being able to withstand some of the things that might be going on in other areas” said Lahodny.

And the same goes for college students who are  job  hunting. Augusta University business professor Dr.Simon Medcalfe says businesses are always looking for students to work for them.

“Job openings are high so there are a lot of opportunities for college students. I was talking to a former student just the other weekend people were calling here to go to work “ said Medcalfe.

Medcalfe says the university offers plenty of on-campus job training for students.

He also says with wages being low some students may be opposed to taking jobs offered to them.

“Some employees are being slow to address those wages in an upward directors and so there could be a possibility you could say no im not going to work for that I think Im worth more “ said Medcalfe.