Kroger Drug Take Back event


We’ve talked a lot this week about the opioid epidemic. President Trump was in Georgia just yesterday to address the problem. Misuse can lead to dependence, addiction, overdose and death.
but this weekend you can get rid of expired pills. 

“Addiction is extremely difficult to treat. A person that is active in alcoholism or drug addiction is extremely resistant to change, the brain is literally hi-jacked on a primitive level. “

John Martin is a recovering addict who battled his disease for 10 years. He shares how hard it is to come back from an addiction. 

“It is nasty, it is intense, it’s not fatal but you feel like you’re going to die.”

More than 130 people die a day from opioid related drug overdoses in the us. prevention and access to treatment for addiction and overdose reversal drugs  are critical to fighting this epidemic.

“When I looked to them and heard their stories and it was similar to mine but saw them alive, well, with the joy in their eyes and the light back on. I started to want what they had and that was a primary motivation. 

Roxanne Smith is a Pharmacist at Kroger and she says getting these drugs is easier than people think.

“I have no doubt that some patients get it and give it or sell it. there is no way for us to determine who legitimately has a need for it.” 

The relapse rate when it comes to this type of mental health disease is 78 %, meaning there are enough prescribed opioids for every American to have at least one bottle in their medicine cabinets. 

“Which tells that we need to be doing more, it tells you that this is just the beginning.”

The Kroger in Grovetown will hold it’s “Drug take back” event Saturday April 27th from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Columbia County Community Connections and The Sheriff’s Office will also be there to collect unwanted pills. 

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