AUGUSTA, Ga. – After ESPN’s Elle Duncan shared her story of meeting Kobe Bryant and asking for advice on raising girls since he had three at the time, she closed on the fact that Kobe died doing what he loves to do best being a ‘Girl Dad’. That title has touched many dad’s world-wide.

“He’s my best friend, we pretty much do everything together. We go on the road for basketball, basketball games, we’re inseparable,” said Tala Hunt, Mryon Hunt’s Daughter.

Tala and Malia Hunt are the two daughters and players of Augusta Prep’s women’s basketball coach Myron Hunt.

Both daughters share how their dad is the definition of a “Girl Dad”.

He just supports us the way girls need to be supported, not like as a boy would need to be supported,” says Malia Hunt, Myron Hunt’s Daughter.

The phrase girl dad has taken social media by storm after ESPN’s Elle Duncan shared her story of Kobe expressing to her how much he loves having daughters saying “I would have five more girls if I could. I’m a girl dad.”

Sharing this story shed light on how Kobe died being a girl dad as he was taking his 13-year-old daughter Gigi to a travel basketball game.

Coach Hunt expresses how privileged he is to experience the same love.

“Had her and then a boy in between my two girls. And now just coaching’s a different feeling. You try to protect them more than the boys. You think the boys will take care of their self, but you push yourself to try to protect your girls,” says Coach Hunt.

Malia and Tala say basketball has done the same thing it did for Gigi and Kobe making them inseparable with their dad. Both girls tell us it was a wake up call seeing how close in age Gigi was to them.

“It’s crazy to think about like especially her at a young age and we’re still young too and we’re just lucky we still have him and he helps us with everything we do. Like everything,” says Malia Hunt.

“It also made me happy that even though it did happen, they were with each other,” says Tala Hunt.

Being together with their coach and ‘Girl Dad’ in one is what all of them cherish the most.

“There’s a lot of quality time we’re spending together and we get to talk about the game, talk about life. And try to help her any way I can,” says Coach Hunt.