Kids who have cancer get a week to remember at Camp Rainbow


A rainy week didn’t stop the fun at Camp Rainbow.

The week long summer campfor kids, who have or had cancer, show these campers that they are not alone.

Camp Rainbow is not a treatment camp or a therapeutic retreat.

Director of Camp Rainbow, Kim Allen, says, “our goal is to bring kids out here and have a safe and fun week–to let kids who have cancer forget about cancer for the week. Forget about the hospital, forget about treatments.”

it’s simply a fun week of summer camp and for 15-year-old Destiny Tate, it’s her first time.

She suffered from a type of sarcoma cancer, but doctors found her cancer early, and she is now a survivor. Destiny says this week helped her feel like she wasn’t alone.

“It’s like oh you can say ‘I had this happen,’ and they can relate to you, they can’t just say ‘oh, I never experienced that and all that stuff, and I feel sorry for you, cause they know how you feel. They know what you’ve been through,” Tate says.

This is the camp’s first year at Camp Lakeside in Lincolnton County, after being at Camp Twin Lakes in Rutledge, Georgia. The move puts the camp closer to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia.

“So, if we have a kid that gets sick, or I’ve had a couple kids that had to go back on a day-to-day basis, get their treatments, and then they can come back up here,” says Allen.

This new facility also has a medicine center with doctors and nurses on site.

“We have our ‘med shed’ here, and it’s a traveling little hospital, and kids can get their medicine and just do stuff that normal kids would do at a camp,” says Allen.

Destiny says sharing her story with others helps change her perspective on life.

“Once you go through something so bad, you realize life is taken for granted a lot,” she says.

A survivor living her life to the fullest.

“If you can overcome this, you can overcome anything, so just don’t give up,” she says.

Allen says the new location is not just closer to the hospital, but also local community organizations. It makes it easier for these organizations to come out and support the camp.

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