Kids in need of transportation to see ‘world’ outside of Washington, Georgia


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – In Washington, Georgia a group of kids wants to explore the world outside of their town, but need the wheels to do it.

The group is Four “E” and it stands for Empower, Educate, Expose and Encourage. Founder Roxanne Cobb told NewsChannel 6 it’s comprised of middle and high school students. She said the goal is to get the students to want more out of life, do well in school and love themselves. She said there are 14 kids ages 11 to 17 who take part in community service projects such as feeding the homeless. Cobb wants to expose the kids to more places outside of Washington, Georgia to enrich their lives, but they need help purchasing transportation.

“Some of them don’t know how to skate because they’ve never been to a skating rink. Some of them don’t know how to swim. We can go places where they have swimming pools or swimming lessons. Some of them have never been to New York or been anywhere else. I’m trying to take them places that will help them in their future,” Cobb stated.

Cobb said she’s appealing to the public for a van for $5,000. To help, click here.

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