Keurig comes out with a machine that makes cocktails


SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – Step aside, coffee — it’s 5:00 somewhere! 

Keurig has come out with a contraption called the “Drinkworks Home Bar,” which will dispense cocktails instead of a cup of joe. 

So instead of that mocha coffee, you can reach for a margarita just like that! 

The machine also uses “pods” to make anything from cocktails to beer to mixers, according to the website, which shows around 15 different alcohol beverage pods for purchase. 

Some drinks include: 

Stella Artois Cidre
Mai Tai
White Wine Peach Sangria 
Old Fashioned
Moscow Mule 
The machine costs $299 and drink pods cost around $4 each. 

The machine also requires CO2 tanks, which will go for around $7 each. 

As we said earlier, the product is only available in select markets… so only the lucky few get to enjoy it for now.

 Click here to see if it’s available near you. 

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