Keeping the dream alive: 13th Annual Interfaith Service of Celebration


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) —- Civil Rights icon, Martin Luther King Jr., dedicated his life to equality for all. Worshipers of various faiths are celebrating his legacy.

“It’s a shame we only come together once a year for these types of things,” said Bishop Gregory Godsey. “His message is timeless, and it should go on every single day of your life.”

For 13 years, Augusta’s Saint Paul’s Church has hosted an Interfaith Service of Celebration. This year, they are keeping the dreamer’s dream alive.

“I think his dream is very much alive in the hearts of every person sitting out there right now,” explained Bishop Godsey. I think that is a testimony to him throughout this great nation, and we have these services. Where people gather and honor his legacy.”

Political Activist Dr. William Babrer II spoke about the importance of peace, people’s lives, and equality for all. Bishop Godsey told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, that’s a message we need now more than ever.

“Bringing people up to a liveable wage, giving people hope, and bringing equality to our world again,” Bishop Gregory. “Those are the messages he preaches regularly.”

A powerful short play about Anne Frank and Emmit Till, made worshippers stop and reflect that no belief is more important than another.

“It doesn’t matter what you call the divine, or if you don’t believe in a divine being at all,” explained Bishop Gregory. “You do believe in the principals in good, right, fairness, and equality for everyone. That’s what we should hold on to as the human race.”

All proceeds to the interfaith service will be donated to Mark Albertin’s film, “The River of the Water of Life.” Donations can be sent to:

Scrapbook Video Productions, 2293 Overton Rd. Augusta GA 30904.

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