Kayaks are growth business says Riverkeeper


Some push back on whether there’s support for a whitewater course at Lock and Dam Park.

Commissioners will get a first hand look at a whitewater center when they head to Columbus, Georgia later this month. 

Over the last five years, Columbus has received international recognition for its course.

But Commissioner Grady Smith said he doesn’t think people in Augusta would care about something like this. 

“You know, face it people down here don’t kayak. Go up where there’s a river and do all that mess but down here for two hundred feet you know I can swim half that far with four guards following me,” said Smith about the possibility of a course.

“Our Academy Sports continues to be one of the highest selling of kayaks in the United States some of our other outfitters are the same way .Half Moon Outfitters moved here because of our kayaking industry so it’s actually pretty exciting to say there is huge growth in the kayak industry,” said Savannah Riverkeeper Tonya Bonitatibus. 

The Riverkeeper says the preliminary plans for Augusta call  for a half mile long whitewater course with several features.

Consultants are still working on the designs.

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