KANGAROGUE! Kangaroo seen bouncing around rural SC again this week


Well, it happened again. The Kangaroo went on a hopping tour around town again for the second time this week. A viewer sent us a video of him bouncing across Hwy 28 in McCormick County, South Carolina Thursday morning.

When you think of rural Clarks Hill, SC, you probably think of fishing on the lake. You might also think of hunting, but you do not think of exotic animals. However, if you do a quick Google search of McCormick County you will find news article after news article about the Kangaroo that has been seen bouncing around town this week.

Mike Faglier works at the Herring Hut Bait and Tackle Shop, which is right up the road from Clarks Hill Lake. He says sportsman head to McCormick to reel in the big one or bring home a white tail deer. You can also see “Wildlife Viewing” signs on the highway near where he works, but you do not expect to see an Australian native out in the woods along the South Carolina, Georgia border.

“I thought they were only in Australia. I didn’t know they were right next door!” Faglier says with a smile.

He points out that you cannot believe everything you see online. “Nothing on Facebook,” he says so he was skeptical at first.

“When I got to work yesterday, and I was looking at Facebook I said that’s gotta be a joke and then, no it’s not! It’s on the news!” Faglier describes.

People we talked to on Thursday did not realize he had gotten out again!

“Where he at now?” Asks McCormick local Willie Garrett. “Is he still hopping about or where is he?”

The kangaroo is back at home. Sheriff Clarke Stearns tells us he was only bopping around for about 30 minutes Thursday morning after the owner accidentally left the pen open. We asked if there are any charges pending. The sheriff joked and said, we did not catch him crossing the street so we cannot charge him with jay walking.

“A lot of folks knew where he came from,” says Faglier. “They knew that it was the guy who lives back in the woods that has lots of creatures back there.”

We are told the owner has more animals. Things like ducks, goats, geese and horses. The roo is the only outlier and the wonderful thing about him is… he is the only one.

Deputies say they are working with the farm owner to figure out a more secure set up for the brave traveler.

We have gotten some questions about if it is legal to own a kangaroo. The sheriff says, it is legal in South Carolina as long as you have a permit and this kangaroo owner has one.

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