AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – We live in a time where we can hail a cab to get from point A to point B, especially during vacations. But what happens when you’re a parent sitting at work and your kids need transportation?

The big yellow bus gets students to and from the classroom when school is in session. But now that it’s summertime, and activities kick start, working parents are left with kids who need a lift.

“School activities, games,” explained Ralph Wimberly Jr, owner of Kabs4Kidz. “For instance, if you want us to pick your child up, he has a dentist appointment. Instead of you leaving work to pick your child up, you book a ride with us.”

Kabs4Kidz, a licensed, children’s transportation service, does school drop-offs and pick-ups, sporting events, extracurricular activities and social events for people 5 to 19. Wimberly and his wife started the Martinez based business in 2019 because they were already giving kids rides. Now, they cover up to 300 miles across the state of Georgia.

“We have a partnership with Richmond County School Board as well as Columbia County School Board. We work with them diligently,” Wimberly said. “And also, we work with the Trade Up program for seniors and juniors of high schools that do apprenticeship programs. I take kids out to John Deere.”

Some local, working parents with little ones who have a booked schedule already depend on Kabs4Kidz.

“He’s a member of Augusta Junior Players,” Naesha Parks said of her son. “He’s involved in the arts at his school. So, there are times when he has plays. You know, he might be doing two events and he has to get to this event at this time and this event at another.”

A round trip ride cost about $40. And for parents concerned about putting your kid in a car with a stranger, Wimberly said they take several safety measures such as calling or texting parents from pick up to drop off or even staying present until the parent arrives. And, there is no eating or drinking.

“You don’t know if a kid picked something up from school from someone that they may be allergic to it. Or a drink and they may choke,” he said.

“The service has been a Godsend for me because I am a working parent and involved in several different things and my husband is as well and so is our son,” Parks said.

Kabs4Kidz plans to roll into South Carolina soon and offer tracking services.