Juvenile Court still wants LEC despite Commission vote


It’s been three months since Augusta Commissioners voted to demolish the old Law Enforcement Center signalling the end of the debate of renovating it for the Juvenile Court so where do we stand when it comes to taking this building down that’s what many want to know.

Charlie Kennebrew has lived in the shadow of the old LEC for twenty years, he heard about its history of mold and leaks, and that Juvenile Court wanted to fix it up and move in.

“Do you think it should be renovated for Juvenile Court”

“Na I don’t think so inside is still messed up in there that would be a lot of work, to do over,” he said.
It’s work a majority of Commissioners did not want to do voting in early April to tear it down.

“And that’s as far as it got, it was passed it was agreed to hadn’t heard anything else,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

“So you want to proceede with demolition?”

“Absolutely,” said Commissioner Clarke.

City leaders say there’s a process that needs to be followed before 401 Walton Way can finally come down.

“Those things in Government unfortunately take time, the ultimate decision as to what will happen to it has not changed,” said Commissioner Sammie Sias.

Also what hasn’t changed is the desire of the Juvenile Court to renovate the building as it’s new training center.

“I would still like to see 401 our position is we think its more cost effective for the taxpayers but the commission will make the ultimate decision.” said Judge Flanagan.

“The Commissions final decision still stands we have not changed that and the process to demolish it is still moving forward,” said Commissioner Sias.

Commissioners not only voted to tear down the LEC but also to begin planning for a new Juvenile Court facility, so if the building goes.

“That piece of property would be an ideal location,” said Judge Flanagan.

The Commission Public Safety Committee put off a debate on the demolition of the Law Enforcement Center on Tuesday to allow the Administrators and Juvenile Court to talk they will come back with an update to the Public Safety Committee in about two weeks.

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