Juvenile Court backs idea of sharing LEC

Old Law Enforcement Center not safe for visit

Augusta’s Juvenile Court says its not standing in the way of saving the old Law Enforcement Center

Augusta commissioners surprised many when they voted not to delay demolition of the old jail.

The abandoned structure has already hosted three movies shoots, and more are expected, that’s why some want to postpone tearing it down.

Juvenile Court also wants the building. however court officials say they’re not against sharing it.

“No, no, no, we think the space can be shared the city can use it for both purposes you know they could use it on weekends to make all the movies they want to make we could use it during the week but the courtrooms don’t normally get used on the weekends so I think it could be used for both purposes,” says Chief Judge Douglas Flanagan.

Commissioner Brandon Garrett says city leaders will vote again on delaying the demolition in January

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