Joseph Project prepares to ‘Feed 1000’


AUGUSTA, GA (WJBF) – The Joseph Project’s mission is to help families in need during the pandemic.

Since June, the group has held multiple events to donate food ranging from fresh produce, to hot dogs and snacks for children.

“What a wonderful event we’re having and what makes it wonderful is not only will people be served in this time, but what also is amazing is that we have over a hundred volunteers, not including the volunteers from each one of our organizations from the city that are partnering with us to make it all happen,” said Thomas Powell the co-founder of the Joseph Project.

The Joseph Project is holding a Thanksgiving event Saturday, November 21st.

“Feed 1,000” is a registered event that aims to feed a thousand families between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at City Church.

I asked Thomas Powell, the co-founder of the group, how people are reacting to the kind gestures.

“The range is wide. I remember a lady came through in tears and she said nobody knew that right before the pandemic hit I had just gotten a divorce. Right after the divorce, the school shut down. My children have been home. I got laid off and at this moment I haven’t received any unemployment. This is a blessing from God. This is right on time. It’s always important to help people. It’s always important to be a support to people. Whether they’re a part of your ministry, a part of your faith, a part of your party…people need help and helping people is always in season,” said Powell.

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Co-Founder Thomas Powell wanted to take the time and say some thank you’s to those who have made all this possible


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