Joe Wilson in Aiken County to announce legislative agenda


North Augusta, SC (WJBF)- South Carolina Congressman, Joe Wilson, is talking about his legislative priorities for 2021. He’s focused on four things, but the pandemic is taking priority.

He spoke to reporters about his agenda which included the economy, promoting the conservative agenda, strengthening the military and national security.

One of his main focuses is doing what needs to be done to stop the pandemic and get people back to work in South Carolina.

“Additionally with the pandemic, any way that we can back up…because it should be local government…municipal, county state. And I’m really grateful for the leadership of Governor Henry McMaster. We want to back him up.”

Congressman Joe Wilson made a stop this morning at the Aiken Government Building before moving on to speak at the North Augusta Municipal Building. He had high praises for the Trump administration’s work on the COVID vaccine rollout and said it is the key to stopping the pandemic.

“Maintain the most proactive and dynamic research to provide for vaccines that would cover. And make sure ass many people are provided the vaccine as can possibly be provided.”

He went on to place blame for the pandemic on China.

“The dupliciousness (duplicity) of the Chinese Communist Party. A year ago now, they were keeping this secret from the American people and sadly, complicit was the World Health Organization which had been subverted by the Chinese Communist Party.”

Congressman Wilson said there is concern about the South African variant of the virus in South Carolina.

“We’ve learned that viruses mutate and so I’m sad that it’s come…so there’s been a lot of issues, but they’ve been addressed and as they have variants, we will address those.”

The congressman said the most important item on his agenda is getting people back to work and rebuilding the economy.

“Creating an environment and with the Paycheck Protection Program, which was critical and successful. I want to maintain that and maintain jobs. And we’ve got to get our economy back on track.

Congressman Wilson also said he looks forward to working with fellow lawmakers on both sides of the Savannah river to keep River levels where he says the law dictates they should be.

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