Joe Biden’s wife campaigns for husband in Aiken for the 2020 presidential election


AIKEN, S.C. -“We need someone with vision, with the experience, somebody who’s ready on Day one to walk into that office, be commander in chief, and gain the respect of Americans no mater what their party is,” says Dr. Jill Biden, Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s wife.

Dr. Jill Biden made a couple of stops in the Palmetto State in support of her husband, Joe Biden’s campaign.

One of those stops was the Aiken County Democratic Party Headquarters to host a community event.

South Carolina Representative Bill Clyburn says it will give the community an opportunity to address any questions that Joe Biden would be up against if elected president of the United States in 2020.

“First of all we would like her to be clear on some of the things that involve equality, education, health. We just want her to reiterate was said about her husband and about her,” says Bill Clyburn, South Carolina State Representative. One of those questions were about healthcare.

“What is the security going to be doing for my children…my grandchildren,” says Joanie Musslewhite, who lives in Aiken.

Dr. Jill Biden stresses the importance of stepping up to the NRA to keep schools safe.

“What Joe has already done is in the assaults weapons band. He passed that twice. And now he needs to get it passed again. And he’s already done that,” says Dr. Biden.

Supporters were also interested in what was going to be done about healthcare if Biden was elected in office.

“If you have your own insurance and you like it, you can keep it. If you don’t then you can buy into the Affordable Care Act with the option and we’re also going to work on working with the drug companies to bring down prescription drug costs,” says Dr. Biden.

The community tells me their mainly looking for a president that is going to bring this nation together, rather than divide.

“I’ve never seen anything that I’m witnessing now. No president has ever brought what this president brings to the people. And I’m looking for a someone, Joe, whoever the democratic party decides to nominate to bring back civility,” says Bunni Crawford, the Alternate Executive of Aiken County Democratic Party.

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