Jennie: Unique gifts and accessories from Michael Siewert


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)— Michael Siewert of Signature Homes is looking forward to opening his new location on Furys Ferry Road, but in the meantime he is happily greeting clients in his current store in the BiLo Shopping Center across from West Lake.

“I’m big on home decor. We do a lot of, and some husbands will come in and buy their wives gifts so we think of it as gifts as well, especially some of these smaller pieces.”

“We do have a lot of clients that ask me ask for help with coffee tables and bookcases. They have a hard time making a collage of things Adding different heights of things, greens, you know I’m always big about the greens and I love the preserved greens which we do sell at the store. Sculptures are really big right now, but you could layer that on a couple of books. These have been really popular. They’re preserved as well. There’s still a little pop of color in there. This is a little more masculine, a little clock if you’re doing a man’s study.”

Gifts you can wear:
“This company, Good Works, gives 25% of their profits to starving children in Uganda. These tend to bling. A lot of them have messages and affirmations. Some we have wrap around your arm. They have Bible verses. Some will tell you that you’re beautiful and that you’re smart and all of this fabulous stuff. So it’s just positive affirmations.”

Gifts for the weather:
“This is a new umbrella that we have and first of all, I was showing you, it does stand up, if we were on the floor. It stands on its own. Watch, it probably won’t. Yeah, see, it does. But it’s an inverted umbrella. So if you’re getting in and out of your car, it keeps the water off of you. It inverts the other way. And then when you’re getting in your car, you just shake it out.”

I liked the umbrella so much that I popped in Signature Homes and bought a purple one just for me!

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