AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– We are so glad to have Michael Siewert with us again today. And while we love our new studio and I love the new set, it is kind of sterile. It’s just a big red couch. And I had talked to Michael about, is there something we can do to kind of warm it up? So he came in today with a boatload of ideas and materials. And Michael, I guess maybe this is something that, that clients talk to you about is how do we warm up a space?

Michael: All the time, and it’s part of accessorizing. It’s, it’s no different than when you put your clothes on. Putting the right pair of shoes, pairing it with a belt, maybe a hat or a scarf. It’s the same kind of thing, you have. You have your field of floor back. And of course, ceiling’s not here, but, when I’m working with clients, we look at all of that. Then we start layering things, adding the furniture pieces, especially upholstery pieces. And then we start layering on that. And that’s what gives it that extra depth definition. It pops some colors out, so. When I work with a client, I love to offer them options. I love to show, I don’t want to say, this is what you have to have because you have to live in this space. You’re going to be using this space with your guests. So you have to think about how it’s, how you can utilize it with your guests. Something that’s easy and functional, but also something that’s going to look right on the camera.

Jennie: Exactly.

MIchael: So, my first inclination was maybe to go with something black and white, because this, this, there is so much color here. We could do something. And I love to chop pillows. I love for these to be down into chop, as opposed to just a big rectangular pillow. It just looks a little more finished that way. So we could add something like this, and that’s black and white. I don’t know how that necessarily reads on the camera. We could add up another pillow. This brings in some colors, we could layer something like this. So this gives us a nice backdrop with this color here popping, this pillow pulls in the red, pulls in some purple, pulls in some green.

That kind of pulls everything together, which is nice. So I like that scenario, there’s one. These animal prints are so popular these days. Here’s one thing that’s nice about pillows that I like to teach clients. If it, if it’s down fill, you can loft this up just by tossing it around a little bit. You can see how much fuller that got.

JENNIE: Yeah it did.

And it makes it much easier than to chop.

Michael: And this brings in purple, the red, some of the green, it pairs really nicely. What do we think about something like that? I think that pulls in the purples and the greens, pulls in the red from the sofa, it kind of ties it all together. I think it pairs with this really well. What do you think about that?

Jennie: I love it, and you know, I really, I hadn’t considered the green, but that green in there in the stem really ties in with the green and the, in the grass.

Michael: One thing I like about this, when you have your guests and you have this large sofa, this kind of anchors, both sides, it almost acts as an arm rest on the sofa.

Jennie: That’s what I was going to say, something, because the one thing that I have felt is that it doesn’t feel very intimate. It already feels balanced and, and with design, that’s what it’s about. It’s about balance of scale, color, pattern, all of that. So I think this really works. I love it, and I love the stripes and the florals together.

I’m going to work out a table here for you as well. It’s your modern here. So I had this at my store. I thought we would try this table. See how we feel about that. It kind of disappears.

It does, doesn’t it? It totally disappears- I love the legs though, it’s very pretty.

That’s very cool. I have another, let’s try. This next one I wanted to try, because it was an oval that I thought would work with the shape of the sofa here. So let’s try this. I think this feels much better with all of this. And I like that it has a little gold and silver undertone there. So it works with just about anything. It’s kind of neutral.

Oh, I think you’ve done it. You’ve brought this together. You’ve done a marvelous job. It’s been a quick little makeover, but you have done it and I love it. And thank you for this wonderful new design.